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Hammer Class

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This was a class on hammer making down At Ralph Sprouls Shop.It was a good time with a good group of folks to work with.Nathan Robertson was great. We all managed to get a hammer done by the time we all left that day.Below are some pictures from that day.
I have now started making my own hammers.They are forged from 4140 and made in a japanese style.I have found that I like the weight forward hammer face as it makes forging knives by hand a little bit easier.The face of my hammers is either left full stock size or I upset the face a little to make it a bit wider.I just like the wider face on the hammer.

Took a hammer making class/ sweet hammer/ This is the hammer I made

Forged by hand/get it hot --hit it hard

Nathan & Ralph breaking the corners

This is the new hammer I just made.

Another knife makers hammer





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Hard at work Hit & Miss Thats me

Nathan Robertson & Ralph Sproul drawing out the pein

Just made today.2/26/11

top of the hammer




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